Best Electric Pump For Inflatable Paddle Boards

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Does pumping up your paddle board leave you sweaty and exhausted before you’ve even got your board wet? If so, you should consider investing in an electric SUP pump to get every paddle session off to a smooth start.

The right electric paddle board pump can do wonders for efficiency, saving you time, energy, and freeing up your hands during set-up. It can really help you maximize your time out on the water.

Not all pumps are made equal, and with them running at such high pressure it is important you get the right one. Here is our top pick of the best electric pumps for inflatable paddle boards.

At A Glance

For those of you who just like to skim read, our top pick for the best electric pump for inflatable paddle boards is the OutdoorMaster Shark

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
OutdoorMaster Shark
Power: 12v cigarette Lighter
Maximum Presure: 20PSI
Size: 11.08 x 9.45 x 4.84 inches
Auto Stop: YES
Additional Features: Active Cooling
    4.5/5 Stars
    On Amazon
    SereneLife Portable Electric SUP Pump
    Power: 12V Cigarette Lighter + Rechargeable Battery
    Maximum Pressure: 16PSI
    Size:  9.9 x 6.9 x 5.2 inches
    Auto Stop: YES
    Additional Features: Built-in Flashlight
    4/5 Stars
    On Amazon
    Thurso Surf Electric SUP Pump
    Power: 12V Cigarette Lighter
    Maximum Pressure: 15PSI
    Size:  8.5 x 3.9 x 5.6 inches
    Auto Stop: YES
    Additional Features: Compact Size
    4/5 Stars
    With Thurso Surf

    Power: 12V Cigarette Lighter + Alligator Clips
    Maximum Pressure: 20PSI
    Size:  10 x 7.5 x 4 inches
    Auto Stop: YES
    4.5/5 Stars
    With IROCKER

    How To Choose The Best Electric Paddle Board Pump?

    Before you buy an electric pump for your paddle board, you need to carefully consider your requirements. Get this wrong and you could be stuck with a waste of money, or even worse a ruined SUP!

    Does The Pump Match My Boards’ Pressure Rating?

    If you have a high-performance board that is rated up to 20 or 22 PSI and your pump only manages 15, then you have wasted your money and will still need to break out that manual pump – or paddle on an underinflated board.

    What Is The Pumps Power Source?

    Assuming you are looking for a portable pump, and not one plugged into the mains power. There are three main ways that they connect to a power source.

    • 12v cigarette lighter style plug for cars. – Great if you have waterside parking, but pretty useless if you are hauling your board half a mile to the launch area.

    • Alligator clips for a car battery. Similar pros and cons to the cigarette lighter plug, but you will need to pop the hood or carry a spare charged car battery around with you.

    • Internal/external rechargeable battery pack. Gives you more freedom to go car-less, but useless if you forget to charge it. The battery packs do add extra weight so bear that in mind if you plan on carrying it for a long distance.

    Does The Pump Have An Automatic Stop?

    The whole idea behind the electric pump is to save you energy and time. Time you could be spending doing other things, right? You don’t want to spend that time watching your board slowly inflate.

    More importantly, you don’t want to risk any damage to your board or pump if left unattended. If your pump can inflate to higher pressures then your boards maximum, one distraction could be a very costly mistake. Even if your board can handle the pressure, a pump left running can get hot enough to burn out the motor.

    All of the pumps we have selected feature an automatic stop. In my opinion, it isn’t worth risking your pride and joy for the sake of a slightly cheaper pump.

    Our Top Pick – Best For Multiple Boards

    OutdoorMaster Shark High-Pressure SUP Pump

    • HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP – Enough for most boards at 20PSI.

    • ACTIVE COOLING SYSTEM – Pump up to 3 boards in a row without overheating.

    • AUTOMATIC STOP AND FAST DUAL-STAGE PUMPING – Pumps up to 70L/min at high pressure and 350L/min at low pressure.

    • REAL-TIME MONITORING ON A DIGITAL DISPLAY – Set and monitor the desired pressure on the digital display.


    The stand out feature of the OutdoorMaster Shark is its ability to inflate 3 average-sized boards in a row without overheating. This can really help speed things up if you are paddling with a friend. Be aware that ambient air temperature makes a big difference, so performance may be affected on a scorcher of a day.

    The OutdoorMaster Shark comes with four different types of nozzles so can be used on a range of inflatables and craft. The easy to use digital display and automatic stop ensures you never overinflate and damage your SUP board.


    • Reliable automatic shutoff.
    • Can inflate three boards in a row.
    • Easy to use controls and real-time digital display.
    • Made with eco-friendly materials.


    • Only comes with a 12v cigarette lighter charger so can only be used near your car or boat.
    • Slightly louder than some others.

    Best Battery Powered Pump

    SereneLife Portable Electric SUP Pump

    • BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Take this with you anywhere with its 12V LI-ION, 6000mAh battery.

    • EASY TO USE LCD DISPLAY – Digital display and touch buttons allow for easy use.

    • INFLATES TO 16 PSI – High enough pressure for the majority of inflatable SUPs.

    • BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT – Great for sunrise or sunset paddle sessions.


    The SereneLife electric SUP pump is incredibly versatile, with built-in battery AND 12v cigarette lighter plug. This means you are not always tied to your car, allowing you to paddle more remote waterways.

    The easy to use display and auto stop feature means that you are never at risk of overinflating and damaging your board. Just select your desired PSI and leave it to inflate.


    • Take it anywhere with its rechargeable battery.
    • Good battery life.
    • Compact size for easy storage and carrying.
    • Built-in flashlight for low light inflating.


    • It has quite a short hose – only 3.3FT (1M)
    • Only inflates to 16 PSI – enough for most boards, but some performance SUPs can go higher.
    • Only has a 30-day manufacturers warranty.

    Best For Travel

    Thurso Surf Electric SUP Pump

    • 12v CIGARETTE LIGHTER POWERED – Easily use from your car or boat.

    • CLEAR DIGITAL DISPLAY – Easy to set your desired board pressure up to 15 PSI.

    • AUTOMATIC STOP FEATURE – No need to worry about damaging your board.

    • COMPACT SIZE + LIGHTWEIGHT – Small size makes it super easy to store.


    Thurso Surf is a well respected, quality paddleboard manufacturer, and this is reflected in their additional gear. With a 1 year manufactures warranty

    The Thurso Surf electric SUP pump is the smallest on our list, its compact size making it ideal for keeping in the car. Maximum inflation pressure of 15 PSI is enough to reach the recommended level for all Thurso Surf SUP boards. This high volume pump can inflate a Thurso board in under 10 minutes.

    A reliable auto-stop and digital pneumatic reader ensures you never overinflate and damage your SUP board.


    • The very compact size makes it great for travelling.
    • Easy to use digital display.
    • 1-Year manufacturers warranty.
    • Reliable Auto-stop


    • Slower to inflate than some other pumps.
    • Only inflates to 15 PSI.
    • It can be a struggle to keep it upright.

    Most Reliable Small Pump


    • AUTO-STOP FEATURE – Reliable auto-stop means you never risk damaging your board

    • 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER WARRANTY – Great customer service and the reliable manufacturer makes it a safe buy.

    • FAST INFLATION AND DEFLATION – Gets you on the water quickly!

    • INFLATES UP TO 20 PSI – Great for high-pressure SUP boards.


    IROCKER is another quality SUP board manufacturer, and with the 12-month warranty on the electric pump, you can bet on this being up to their normal standard.

    The pump fits all of their IROCKER, NAUTICAL and BLACKFIN boards, as well as most other SUP brands, and will fit into the top pocket of any of their 2020 board bags. With fast inflation, the IROCKER electric SUP pump will inflate an average-sized board in under 10 minutes.

    With a rugged, quality construction, strong carry handle and tactile buttons, there is little worry about accidental damage.


    • Fast to inflate plus the ability to deflate for tighter packing.
    • 12-month warranty and top rated manufacturer.
    • 20 PSI for high pressure boards.
    • Reliable auto-stop


    • Requires a long cooldown after inflating two boards
    • Doesn’t come with a carry bag.

    Conclusion: Choose A Pump That Suits Your Needs

    If you usually drive to the launch site, a pump that connects to your car is probably good enough. If you plan on going further afield, consider a pump with its own battery. On the other hand, consider how many SUP boards you usually inflate at once. If it is only one or two, then a smaller pump may be enough. However, if any more than two you should consider a larger pump, otherwise you may spend a long time waiting on cooldowns. Consider your individual circumstances before you buy.

    Some Pro Tips

    • Keep your electric SUP pump clean. Sand and dirt won’t do your pump’s internals much good and could seriously reduce its lifespan or invalidate the warranty. Try to use your electric pump on flat, clean ground wherever possible. We recommend using some type of ground covering such as a tarp or landing mat if inflating on a sandy beach.

    • Make sure your valve is closed. There is no worse feeling than removing the hose and getting a face full of high-pressure air. Even a fraction of a second is enough to lose the majority of the pressure in your board. A simple pre-check can save you that extra wait and beachside embarrassment.

    • Never exceed your SUPs maximum pressure rating. Just because your pump can go to 20 PSI doesn’t mean your board can take it. Overinflation can cause permanent damage that likely isn’t covered under warranty. If you inflate your board in the morning and expect a hot day, leave some safety margin. If filled to the max, when your board heats up with the day, it could be in danger of bursting.

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